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Latest News:
  • Feb 03 - ZRATE Launches New Website

  • Jan 31 - ZRATE Instantly Delivers It's 70,000 Instant Over-Dimensional, Overweight Freight Quote!


ZRATE is the only service that offers instant oversized freight quotes!

ZRATE offers instant freight quotes for overweight, over-dimensional and oversized freight! ZRATE includes permits, surveys and escorts in its pricing.

ZRATE can do in 2 seconds what used to take hours and often days! ZRATE is accurate and constantly adjusts its pricing based on the truck/freight ratio of lanes.

Coming Soon

ZRATE will be launching the services below soon!

  • Real-time Data
  • Escort Finder
  • More - Stay Tuned!

Our Services

  • Instant Oversized Freight Quotes
  • Over Dimensional Freight Quotes
  • Overweight Freight Quotes
  • State Permits Included
  • Surveys Included
  • Escorts Included

Corporate Headquarters

ZMAC Transportation Solutions, LLC. 510 College Ave, Racine, WI, 53403.

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